Special Services


School Social Worker  

Lancaster Schedule: Tuesday

Molly Janicke

School Social Worker  

Lancaster Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Photographs are courtesy of Younggren Photography

Throughout the course of the school year, elementary classrooms learned about various social and emotional skills. The students learned a lot about emotions. Younger elementary students were taught what different kinds of emotions there are and how they look on people. Older elementary students were taught different kinds of emotions as well but focused more on how to cope with our emotions positively. A fun way to wrap up the school year was to do a Feelings Scavenger Hunt where elementary students had to find pictures of elementary teachers and administration showing a feeling word we talked about in class. They then had to match their list of feeling words with the right picture. The students had fun trying to figure out who was feeling calm, angry, happy, silly, sad, tired, loved, confident, scared, and worri 

-Miss Molly

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