Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association (LEFSA)

Mission Statement

The goal of LEFSA is to provide an ongoing source of additional non-taxpayer discretionary funds to Lancaster Public School District 356 via an endowment which is intended to be perpetual in nature.  

Lancaster Community Forms Non-Profit named LEFSA

It’s official. The Lancaster community has a new nonprofit.  Recently, the founders of the newly formed Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association, LEFSA for short, received word from the IRS their application for designation as a publicly supported charity was approved.  President Nicole Thompson remarked “We are extremely excited to have received this approval from the IRS and even more optimistic about the role this new organization will play in support of Lancaster School.”  “We have already held several organizational meetings to define our mission and goals and hope to hit the ground running with our first membership drive scheduled for February of next year.”  For those individuals interested in making charitable donations to coincide with year-end for tax purposes, getting the blessing from the IRS is a great opportunity for them to take advantage of this IRS designation.

The new nonprofit’s goal is to provide additional financial support for Lancaster School by raising money and establishing an endowment fund, which the founders see as perpetual in nature.  If you would like more information about LEFSA, its mission, board or committees, inquiries can be forwarded to the secretary of the organization at mcoffield@lancaster.k12.mn.us401 Central Avenue South, Lancaster, MN 56735, or via telephone at (218) 762- 5400.   You can also find information on their website or on their LEFSA Lancaster School Endowment Fund Association Facebook page. 


LEFSA Receives $100,000 Donation  


The Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association recently received a contribution which had the effect of more than doubling the organization’s assets.  It came in the form of a QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution) from class of 1971 alumnus Fred Wilebski.  Vice President C. J. Peterson said “This donation was a real shot in the arm for LEFSA coming less than a year after we organized.  Given its size, we are incredibly moved by the impact we anticipate it will have.  It really shows how much support we have been receiving from the community and those interested in the future of our school.”


When asked about the donation Fred said “I’ve been watching very closely from the sidelines as this group organized and thought what a great idea and wondered how I could support their mission.  From what I’ve seen they have assembled a very top-notch team of board and committee members.  The fact that IRS rules allow me to make this donation without any tax consequences from my IRA was also a nice bonus.  I hope others will consider doing the same.”


Further information about the Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association (LEFSA), its mission, board or committees, can be found on their web site or Facebook page.

MORE LEFSA Lifetime Memberships!


More Lifetime Memberships for LEFSA


The Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association was fortunate to receive yet another lifetime membership in the organization.  The donation was from alumnus Marlin Peterson, class of 1960, and his wife, Becky.


Board member Lacey Lupien said that “Contributions like the one that Marlin made are the lifeblood of our organization and will go a long way toward building the endowment fund for the future benefit of Lancaster School.  I and the rest of the board and committees are overjoyed by this show of generosity”


Marlin, like many other donors, said that “It’s just a way to give back to the community that means a lot to me and my family.  I’m hopeful that LEFSA is successful in achieving their goals of endowing the future of The School.”



LEFSA Adds Another Lifetime Member


The Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association received yet another lifetime membership recently.  This donation was from Class of 1953 alumna Lois Nordin Boroski.  Board member Justin Peterson said “we continue to be amazed and gratified by the response of the community in seeking to build an endowment fund to secure the future of Lancaster School.  These lifetime memberships really go a long way toward achieving that goal.”


When asked about her donation, Lois stated “I and my late husband Frank have always held a special place in our hearts for Lancaster. So my contribution is just one way of recognizing that and of course giving back to the community.”



LEFSA Lifetime Membership

The number of lifetime memberships in the Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association continues to increase.  The latest donation of this magnitude was received from class of 1966 alumna Judy Nordin Remer. 


Board member Shannon Bowlin stated that she couldn’t get over the generosity of the community as exhibited by contributions like this.  “It is gratifying to see this kind of monetary support for our infant organization.  We are truly overwhelmed and appreciate every donation.”


Judy commented that she and her husband Danny are always looking for ways to keep the Lancaster community going strong.  And, by creating an endowment for the benefit of The School, this appears to be a great way to do just that.  “We also have a lot of confidence in the group that organized it and the transparency that has been exhibited.  We’d encourage others who have an interest in our community to do the same.”


Further information about the Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association (LEFSA), its mission, board or committees, can be found on their web site or Facebook page.

LEFSA Receives First Legacy Society Donation:


First Lifetime Members:

Ron & Layl Nordin

First Major Contributors:

Tom & Brenda Wilebski

First Annual Meeting of LEFSA Membership Held

The first annual meeting of the membership was held on April 25th at the Lancaster Community Center. As reported by our secretary, our infant organization accomplished a lot in these first few months since incorporation.  “Membership numbers, which included 3 lifetime memberships exceeded our most optimistic expectations” according to Mendy Coffield. 

Likewise, our Treasurer said that significant contribution numbers in the first quarter of 2024 have resulted in assets of LEFSA now exceeding $80,000.  Additionally, the Investment Committee reported they established a brokerage account in mid-April and have already made income-producing investments on behalf of the organization. 

President Nicole Thompson stated that she was “elated by the response from the community that has been received in this inaugural year.”  In addition, she said she was extremely optimistic about fulfilling the goals of this new non-profit organization.  “LEFSA truly is an opportunity to endow the future of Lancaster School”.

If you would like more information about LEFSA, its mission, board or committees, inquiries can be forwarded to the secretary of the organization at mcoffield@lancaster.k12.mn.us or via telephone at (218) 762-5400.   You can also find information on their web site Lancaster School - LEFSA (google.com) or on their Facebook page lefsa Lancaster endowment fund school association


Nicole Thompson, President

CJ Peterson, Vice President

Mendy Coffield, Secretary

Sarah Schmalz, Treasurer

Shannon Bowlin, Director

Lacey Lupien, Director

Julie Peterson, Director

Justin Peterson, Director

Jesse Strege, Director


Chelsi Langehaug

Jason Nordin

Dave Thompson

Fred Wilebski



Shannon Bowlin

Hayley Coffield

Mendy Coffield