Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association (LEFSA)

Mission Statement

The goal of LEFSA is to provide an ongoing source of additional non-taxpayer discretionary funds to Lancaster Public School District 356 via an endowment which is intended to be perpetual in nature.  

Lancaster Community Forms Non-Profit named LEFSA

It’s official. The Lancaster community has a new nonprofit.  Recently, the founders of the newly formed Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association, LEFSA for short, received word from the IRS their application for designation as a publicly supported charity was approved.  President Nicole Thompson remarked “We are extremely excited to have received this approval from the IRS and even more optimistic about the role this new organization will play in support of Lancaster School.”  “We have already held several organizational meetings to define our mission and goals and hope to hit the ground running with our first membership drive scheduled for February of next year.”  For those individuals interested in making charitable donations to coincide with year-end for tax purposes, getting the blessing from the IRS is a great opportunity for them to take advantage of this IRS designation.

The new nonprofit’s goal is to provide additional financial support for Lancaster School by raising money and establishing an endowment fund, which the founders see as perpetual in nature.  If you would like more information about LEFSA, its mission, board or committees, inquiries can be forwarded to the secretary of the organization at mcoffield@lancaster.k12.mn.us401 Central Avenue South, Lancaster, MN 56735, or via telephone at (218) 762- 5400.   You can also find information on their website or on their LEFSA Lancaster School Endowment Fund Association Facebook page. 

LEFSA Receives First Legacy Society Donation:


The Lancaster Endowment Fund School Association (LEFSA) recently received an extremely generous cash contribution from PoDCO, a successful locally owned and operated business.  Sarah Schmalz, LEFSA’s Treasurer stated “There are times when the actions and generosity of others leave a person speechless. PoDCo’s significant donation toward building our Endowment Fund is one of those times.  LEFSA is helping to ensure the long-term success of Lancaster School for both our youth and the community. The trust and support that individuals and companies have placed in our organization is inspiring. Together, we are working diligently to achieve our goals and exceed expectations.”  With this contribution, PoDCO becomes our inaugural member of LEFSA's Legacy Society. We are sincerely grateful for your kindness and support. 

PoDCO recognizes the importance of the Lancaster School and the goals of LEFSA in trying to maintain and grow the institution that is considered the heartbeat of the community.  A spokesperson shared that the contribution is an attempt to show their support for these efforts and hopefully will encourage others of a like mind to donate also.

Pictured are PoDCO Owners: Ron Nordin, Randy Nordin, Arlen Nordin, Galen Nordin, Faye Potrament and Superintendent Nicole Thompson.   

If you would like more information about LEFSA, its mission, board or committees, inquiries can be forwarded to the secretary of the organization at mcoffield@lancaster.k12.mn.us or via telephone at (218) 762-5400.   You can also find information on their website Lancaster School - LEFSA (google.com) or on their Facebook page lefsa lancaster endowment fund school association. 

First Lifetime Members:

Ron & Layl Nordin

First Major Contributors:

Tom & Brenda Wilebski

first annual membership drive a success!

The LEFSA Boards and Committees are deeply moved by the overwhelming support of so many at the First Annual LEFSA Membership/Fundraiser event that was held on February 3rd.  We are very thankful for all the donations that occured to make this event happen!  Thank you to the many hands that it took to put this event together, as well as those who donated meat, groceries, bars, and time.  We also want to thank those who came out for supper!


Nicole Thompson, President

CJ Peterson, Vice President

Mendy Coffield, Secretary

Sarah Schmalz, Treasurer

Shannon Bowlin, Director

Lacey Lupien, Director

Julie Peterson, Director

Justin Peterson, Director

Jesse Strege, Director


Chelsi Langehaug

Jason Nordin

Dave Thompson

Fred Wilebski



Shannon Bowlin

Hayley Coffield

Mendy Coffield