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Safety Data Sheets are online!  Login 356 / Password 356 - click on District on the left hand side.  Search by area or search by chemical.

Detailed instructions for Online Safety Data Sheet.

1.   On your computer or iPhone type in the following address in your browser:    sds.resourcetraining.com2.   This will bring you to the SDS Depot web site.3.   Enter your school district number 356 in each empty box on the screen.4.   Press the enter box on the screen and the Lancaster School district will come up on the screen.5.   What you have in front of you is the chemical inventory for the whole school.6.   On the left hand side of the page you will see the following: Lancaster Public School District       7.   Click on District and a list of departments will come on the screen.8.  Click on a specific department to get the chemicals associated with that department or stay with the total district chemicals and do the following.9.   The center top of the page has a box that says filter by:  You can click on  that box and type in the name of a chemical you want to see the SDS for or you can scroll down until you see the chemical.  They are listed in                       alphabetical order. 10.   When you found the chemical you want just click on its name and the SDS sheets will come up on the screen.11.  The area you are most likely looking for is number 4.  (First Aid Measures)12.  Use the web site a bit until you get used to it.  It really is fairly simple.