All Staff Directory

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Kelli Amb, Paraprofessional

Heather Anderson, Co-Cook

Charlie Bernstrom, Bus Driver

Mallory Bernstrom, Kindergarten Teacher

Mark Bernstrom, Dean of Students / Activities Director

Mendy Coffield, Business Manager

Macy Cosley, Paraprofessional

Anne Dalbey, Student Services Coordinator

Vada Gatheridge, 2nd Grade Teacher

Trent Jerome, 5th Grade Home Room Teacher (4-5-6 Language Arts)

Anneliese Johnson, Junior High Science (7&8) Teacher, Technology Coordinator

Denise Johnson, Paraprofessional

Megan Hendrickson, Paraprofessional

Chad Kujava, Physical Education / Health Teacher K-12

Lisa Lamberson, Paraprofessional

Jason Langerud, Bus Driver

Chris LeDoux, Custodian

Grant Masloski, Custodian

Laura McNeill, High School Math Teacher

Leah Muir, 1st Grade Teacher

Sandie Nelson, Art Teacher 4-12 and Paraprofessional

Galen Nordin, Bus Driver

Julie Nordin, Band and Music Teacher K-12

Dylan Olson, Paraprofessional 

Sierra Olson, Paraprofessional 

Jaime Peterson, Preschool Teacher

Michael Peterson, Industrial Technology Teacher

Laura Reese, Senior High Science Teacher 

Brenda Rodningen-Johnson, Preschool Paraprofessional

Lisa Rynning, 6th Grade Home Room Teacher (4-5-6 Social Studies and Science)

Alana Scalese, Food Service Director and Administrative Assistant

Autumn Schindele, 4th Grade Home Room Teacher (4-5-6 Math)

Andrea Sele, Title Teacher K-6 and Suburban Route Driver

Alaura Sjoegren, Paraprofessional

Tiffany Sjostrand, 3rd Grade Teacher

Kristi Steen, High School Language Arts and Spanish

Denise Strege, Administrative Assistant

Nicole Thompson, Superintendent/Principal

Cory Waling, High School Social Studies

Emily Webster, Co-Cook

Teresa Weleski, Paraprofessional and Bus Driver

Jamie Winterland, Special Education Teacher

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